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Skyhorse Foundation & Academy of Equestrian Arts

Dear Friends,

Recently we launched our Indiegogo Campaign to create The Skyhorse Foundation, register a non-profit, and most importantly produce a video featuring the community work of Karen Nord, a generous provider for youth and horses of all backgrounds in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We hope you will visit and contribute to this campaign to recognize people like Karen who make a difference for horses and humanity!

Please click the following link to donate to the project.

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St. John’s College Equestrian Club

   st-johns-equestrianSt. John’s College Equestrian is a program dedicated to giving college students both a chance to ride horses and a chance to educate themselves about all things equestrian. Founded in the fall of 2012 by Sara Bean, a graduate student with the college, the program regularly attracts approximately 10 students from the college every Saturday afternoon. Following a basic Pony Club model, the students are instructed in basic horse care, such as grooming and how to muck stalls, as well as basic riding.Groom Emily

Taught primarily by Sylvie Neal and Sara Bean, the students have been learning many things, from how to lead their ponies to beginning their independent riding careers. We were joined in Spring 2013 by professional groom Emily Nevin, who has encouraged a solid foundation in groundwork and grooming techniques to supplement work in the saddle

This was especially timely and exciting as Sylvie, riding Celestino, and Sara, riding Mousekateer, began to show dressage in local schooling shows at Bosque Farms and Expo NM. Sylvie, we are proud to say, took first place in both her rides!

It’s been a great experience for all involved! We cannot wait to begin again when the students return in the fall!

Check out the Facebook page for current events and past accomplishments.


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Pony Club has been a growing component to Nord Stable

Pony Club has been a growing component to the Stable. Nord Stable has hosted The Santa Fe Pony Club three times to date. E Armishaw has become the first official member of the SFPC .  Karen is an official Sponsor of the SFPC.  Hoping to do more with the Horsemasters program of the SFPC. Read more about the United States Pony Club.

I had a great surprise of a visit from an old friend, Laurie Chapman Bosco!  She was attending an Animal Science Seminar in Ruidoso and took the time to come for lunch at the Cowgirl and a visit to see Nord Stable!  Laurie teaches at the Thompson School at UNH and is a National Pony Club Examiner.  Hope we can have her back for a clinic this year!

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Stable going strong with the combination of home schooled students, school programs, and college riding clubs!

I am thankful to my regular clients for the opportunities to work with the wonderful horses at the stable.  A special thank you to Pamela Henline and her Independencia SMDR who just had a successful recognized show at second level.

This week Heredero SMDR will attend a clinic with Andreas Hausberger the Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School in Austria. Heredero is schooling at Third Level this year.  It has been a team effort and need to also thank José Luis Pérez Soto for his regular coaching efforts at Nord Stable.  Jose and his wife Mary Beth were great at the recent show in Albuquerque and Pam and I stabled with them sharing a tack room and having a coach (and spending the night at Tonaya Farms).  It was a great support for Indy and I)

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Congratulations to Dennis who won the pre-comp division at the Event at Galisteo.  This was the first time Dennis has done any form of a competition.  Thank you Barn Dogs for donating the Charles Owen helmet for a prize!
Congratulations to Lisa Morley on purchase of her QH “I’m not Busted” aka Buster who she has renamed Remy.
Congratulations to Elizabeth on the purchase of her first Pony Picasso!
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Thank you John Sharp for blessing me with the best equine partner/teacher Celestino

Thank you John Sharp for blessing me with the best equine partner/teacher “Celestino” I could ever have dreamed of.  He will be loved here and kept active to his hearts content!  He has given me the great gift of scoring  71.6% at First Level test 3! AND he has been shared with Sylvie Neal of St Johns College who scored 73.2% at Training Level test 2!   The lucky day was May 4 at the Watermelon Mt Pony Club event in Albuquerque.

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Where did the dressage letters come from?

“In the Old Imperial German Court the walls of the Royal Stable yard were initially marked with letters indicating where each Courtier was to be seated.”

dressage-arenaK Kaiser/King
F Fürst/Prince
P Pferdeknecht / Ostler
V Vassal
E Edeling / Ehrengast / Guest of Honor
B Bannerträger / Standard Bearer
S Schatzkanzler / Chancellor of Exchequer
R Ritter / Knight
M Meier / Steward
H Hofsmarschall / Lord Chancellor

But where are A, X and C??? The center line was added for the 1920 Olympics so the judges had a common map to make the judging consistent.

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Santa Fe University Horse Club at Nord Stable

sfuad-club-walk  sfuad-club







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