Stable going strong with the combination of home schooled students, school programs, and college riding clubs!

I am thankful to my regular clients for the opportunities to work with the wonderful horses at the stable.  A special thank you to Pamela Henline and her Independencia SMDR who just had a successful recognized show at second level.

This week Heredero SMDR will attend a clinic with Andreas Hausberger the Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School in Austria. Heredero is schooling at Third Level this year.  It has been a team effort and need to also thank José Luis Pérez Soto for his regular coaching efforts at Nord Stable.  Jose and his wife Mary Beth were great at the recent show in Albuquerque and Pam and I stabled with them sharing a tack room and having a coach (and spending the night at Tonaya Farms).  It was a great support for Indy and I)

Where did the dressage letters come from?

“In the Old Imperial German Court the walls of the Royal Stable yard were initially marked with letters indicating where each Courtier was to be seated.”

dressage-arenaK Kaiser/King
F Fürst/Prince
P Pferdeknecht / Ostler
V Vassal
E Edeling / Ehrengast / Guest of Honor
B Bannerträger / Standard Bearer
S Schatzkanzler / Chancellor of Exchequer
R Ritter / Knight
M Meier / Steward
H Hofsmarschall / Lord Chancellor

But where are A, X and C??? The center line was added for the 1920 Olympics so the judges had a common map to make the judging consistent.